How Fuel and Fuel Filter work together to maintain the fuel system
The fuel system in order to produce energy for the engine primarily functions by storing fuels and supplying it to the engine whenever required. Fuel tanks, pumps, filters, lines and injectors are the components of a fuel system each performing vital role in the system for the operation of the engine. Fuel is mixed with air, atomized and vaporized in the engine intake system. The fuel can be then compressed in the engine cylinder and ignited to produce energy. Although there are variants of fuel system as engines vary the basic mechanism is to supply fuel to the integrated circuit or the combustion chamber and regulate the flow of fuel with relation to air.
For efficient operation of fuel system there are two most essential conditions when followed eliminates ninety per cent of diesel engine problems, they are:
(i) The fuel should be clean. It should be free from water, suspended dirt, sand or other foreign matters.
(ii) The fuel injection pump should generate proper pressure for the diesel fuel to be perfectly atomized by injectors and be injected in proper time and quantity in the engine cylinder. It is important that fuel be filtered prior to filling the tank.
Fuel System
In the course of the engine operation, fuel gets supplied by gravity from the fuel tank to the primary filter where removal of coarse impurities takes place. Then from the filter the fuel is drawn by fuel transfer pump and it is delivered to fuel injection pump through second fuel filter. Fuels are supplied by the fuel injection pump under high pressure through high pressure pipes to the injectors. The fuels are atomized by the injectors and injected into the combustion chamber of the engine. The fuel injection pump is filled with ample amount of fuel.
We see that fuel is an integral part of fuel system. Other than being the power supply fuel also has several other vital roles in cooling, lubricating and cleaning. Heat is generated when the engine body is in constant motion. The fuel here assist in the cooling mechanism by absorbing the unwanted heat generated by the engine as it flow through the injection pump and circulates through the pump. In this process the heat gets dispersed.
Diesel/fuel has properties of lubrication. The fuel lubricates fuel transfer pump as well as the injection pump assembly. For longer service intervals and reducing unwanted wear of the fuel system, lubrication with fuel is a necessity. Fuel in the process of moving from the fuel tank and the fuel system catches dirt and dust and dumps them off into the fuel filtration component where contaminants are removed. A clean fuel system is a guaranteed means of problem- free engine life.
As much as fuel plays integral part in fuel system, fuel filter also is important equally. Fuel filter is a used to remove dirt and other contaminants from the fuel.  The fuel filter comprises of a hollow cylindrical element in a shell, a circular shaped space left between the shell and the element. There are several other media like packed fibers, woven cloth, felt and paper etc that is connected with the metal guage in the filtering element. These filter elements requires replacement at certain intervals as specified by filter manufacturers. Normally there are two filters in diesel engine: Primary filter and secondary filter. The former perform the role of removing water and coarse particle of dirt from the fuel and the later removes sediments from the fuel. Unlike older engines that are less fussy, injection system in modern engines demands more intensive care as they have low tolerance and any contamination can prove to be an expensive affair hence, regular check and replacement is important.
An engine’s performance relies a great deal on the condition of the fuel being free of dirt and contaminants. The cleaner the fuel the better the engine runs. Hence fuel filter is an integral part of the engine. However one should also keep in mind that a damaged fuel filter can cause inconsistent performance, poor mileage and complete engine failure. Thus it is important to protect the fuel system and the engine for optimum performance and longevity of your engine.
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