Maintenance of Diesel Engine Coolant System
Just as oil change is important proper maintenance of engine cooling system is a necessity to prevent damages and various other disastrous diesel engine problems. Overtime with usage the coolant gets acidic and in the absence of continual monitoring it becomes detrimental to other parts of the vehicle’s cooling system for instance like the radiator. Coolants play immanent role in the system maintenance. Engine longevity also depends a great deal on the condition of the coolant .Hence to prevent engine downtime and costly repairs maintenance of the coolant system is a pre-requisite.
With the advancement in automobile industry, we see rapid advancement in diesel engine technology as well. Diesel engines of modern day compared to their predecessors emit more heat thus demanding superior mechanisms of cooling than before. Coolants perform the function of regulating heat within the cylinder head and engine block. It also protect against freezing and boiling, corrosion and cavitations of cylinder liners and the engine block. Some of the problems occurring in the domain of cooling system are: corrosion, liner cavitation, premature failure of the head gasket, water pump, radiator and several other engine failures.
The most common problem in diesel engine which results in costly repairs is the issue of cavitation erosion which further leads to pitting in the cylinder liners. This erosion develops during the engine operation from the mechanical and chemical processes.
Cavitation occurs during the combustion cycle where there is extreme pressure and this diesel combustion cycle results in distortion. As the piston in the engine moves up and down and after combustion the cylinder liner tends to flex out and vibrate and creates vapor bubbles in the coolant. The vapor bubbles formed at the exterior of the cylinder wall implode or explode inward and consequentially produce tiny pits on the protective oxide layer of the cylinder wall. The continuous imploding of vapor bubbles results in releasing of sufficient energy to attack the cylinder wall and removal of the oxide film. This results in corrosion and pitting at high rate.
When pits that are formed at the outer layer manage to break through the cylinder wall it can result in leakage of the coolant and contamination of the lube oil. Sludge then forms and interferes in the ring and bearing functions which further results in increased rate of wear and engine seizure. Hence maintenance of the diesel coolant system is a necessity for optimal performance and longer operation of engines.
The foremost thing to proper maintenance is the awareness and understanding of the type of coolant one uses in one’s equipment as not all coolants are similar. It is important to keep in mind that proper engine coolant is critical for the performance of diesel engine.  Selecting proper coolants guarantees proper flow and this prevents internal corrosion in the diesel engine. Nowadays there are three basic types of coolant: ethylene glycol, propylene glycol and monoethylene glycol. The usage of ethylene glycol requires additives through a coolant filter and testig of PH to maintain its effectiveness. Propylene also requires the same but is considered safer to use as it is non-poisonous and has longer life. The Monoethylene glycol has the defining characteristics of providing required additives which do not require any filter and testing to maintain its efficiency with guaranteed longer life.
To ensure efficient maintenance of your diesel engine coolant it is wise to look out for a trustworthy brand and company. Elofic is one such brand backed by competent engineers and quality auditors to provide its wide diverse clientele with products of excellent quality that has carved its niche on global level. The company offers high quality 4x coolants composed of a fine mixture of mono-ethylene glycol which is considered the most ideal in diesel engine cooling system maintenance. The special characteristic of Elofic coolants includes: metal passivators, organic corrosion inhibitors, Anti-oxidants, Anti-scalants, De-foamers, Buffering Agents and dye. You can enjoy easy and efficient maintenance of your diesel engine coolant with our coolants that are of supreme quality and that promise you smooth functioning and longevity to your engine.