How oil filter can impact the life of an engine
The function of an oil filter is very crucial for a successful delivery of an automobile’s capacity to run. Oftentimes customers fail to understand the fact that the engine will run longer with the filter in it and that with an efficient one. Although customers comprehend the importance of the oil and its quality, they miss how oil and oil filter together is what keeps the automobile functioning.
Let us look closer get a better understanding of oil filter?
Your car engine deserves lots of attention and care. Contaminated motor oil can over the long run reduce the quality of engine. These foreign particles may accumulate from dirt, minute metal chunks over time. The oil filter ensures the passage of pure oil by percolating these impurities resulting in smooth functioning of the engine. The oil and oil filter is not expensive and hence can establish a healthy and robust engine by flourishing its lifetime. The oil filters if gets old can be easily replaced without the help of any expert and will save the investment to an automobile professional.
How oil filters work
The oil filter consists of several parts. The parts and the role of each is described below.
The Gasket acts as seal to keep the filter tight and is made from rubber or any other appropriate material. It is abhorrent to thermal changes and other loads thereby keeping the filter intact with the engine.
The Cover of an oil filter fastens securely the oil filter cartridge preventing the entry of unwanted debris. The quality of the material deployed to manufacture this cover gives great strength and longevity.
The Anti-drainback valve protects against drainage of oil
The filter medium is porous and is built with synthetic fibers in addition to cellulose fibers. The filter is also saturated with resin to give added toughness to medium. The filter medium helps trap the contaminants.
The pleats are evenly distributed. The pleats ensure high absorption of the filter and keep the pressure to a minimum.
The relief valve ensures oil supply to the engine even when the pressure is high due to the clogging of filter media.
The pressure spring keeps the filter cartridge and the end disc tight preventing unwanted movement inside the housing.
Lastly, the external housing prevents unfiltered oil from entering into the center tube.
The flow of oil through the filter in normal conditions follow a standard way but there might be circumstances when oil flow in different direction. This emergency may account due to filter getting clogged. In such cases, the oil might need to be replaced.
Crucial role of an oil filter
The filter mainly provides cooling and lubrication to the parts ensuring smooth functioning of the automobile. It cleanses external contaminants an avoid damage and ensuring prolong life of a car. The filter ensures delivery of clean and high quality oil to the engine preventing any detrimental harm. For an efficient filter system for your engine the Elofic is the brand you can rely upon.
Elofic manufactures genuine oil filters with assured quality and the precision are tested as per global standard specifications and OEM recommendations.
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