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Elofic Industries Limited, IIT Jammu and Vishwakarma Skill University launch Clean Air Tower
Elofic Industries Limited, IIT Jammu and Vishwakarma Skill University launch Clean Air Tower   Introducing Clean Air Tower, our next step towards our pledge to build a pollution-free environment!   Elofic Industries Ltd. has inaugurated a proto-type in their premises with an association with IIT Jammu and SVSU. The collaboration of clean air tower was inspired by growing pollution concerns particularly in NCR aiming to create a “clean air zone” with the reduction in particulate matter. A proposal to construct a clean air tower was put forward by Chairman, Elofic, M.B. Sahni, Shri Vishwakarma Skill University Vice Chancellor Raj Nehru, and IIT Jammu Director Prof M.S. Gaur.   The research collaboration will result in an efficient and cost-effective product, says Vice-Chairman, Elofic, K.D. Sahni. The development of such a product can also be seen as an initiative towards Aatmanirbhar Bharat by each organisation utilising skills, technology and industry expertise in filtration altogether, said VC Raj Nehru   To enhance the efficacy of current tower, a dedicated team of researchers including Mr. Kamlesh Koul from Elofic Industries Ltd.,Dr Shiva S., Dr Sanjay Singh, Dr Mani and Dr Anuj Shukla from IIT Jammu and SVSU are working through strong research-based inputs, simulation, analysis and testing, said Prof Gaur.   The clean air tower covers up to 300mts radial distance and deliver approximately 10,000 cubic feet per minute. The stainless-steel tower is designed considering the aesthetic look employing multiple filtration technologies.   The tower comprises a silencer to optimise the noise during operation and a water curtain, this has already been awarded a design patent. It also displays real-time data of the weather and pollution parameters of the surroundings. It is best suited to provide clean and fresh air for large gatherings and public places, like hospitals, hotels, airports, railway stations, building complexes, institutions, banquets, market places, etc.   The management of Elofic has said that the tower is the humble contribution towards the society and initially they will only undertake the provision of clean air towers for social projects under CSR.