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Filtration experts enters the air purifier segment
A multi-step filtration system of air purification is at the heart of an air purifier. When Elofic, the original filtration experts of the automotive industry, decided to get into the business of air purifiers, it was a case of natural evolution and forward integration.  "We are the only filtration company who have got into the business of purification at the interior level," says KD Sahni JMD, Elofic Industries, adding, "This brand is not only acknowledged leader in the automotive sector but we are also passionate about air quality and environmental issues." Elofic, which follows the highest standards of emission norms in the automotive industry in India and abroad, is widely trusted by a large number of OEMs. They converted their passion into a new product, which is the Elofic Air Purifier. The two models of air purifiers are Gavi and Kinnaur; named after places with the purest in India.  Elaborating on the product, MB Sahni, the Managing Director of the company says, "The filtration technology developed for our air purifiers is way ahead of its competitions. The filters, which are designed and manufactured in India, with six stage multilayered media and activated carbon granules embedded Hepa, place us in a different league altogether. The product is supported by a customer friendly warranty policy and the replacement filters are home delivered without any fuss."