Pro-Green approach

Our environment friendly policies and our pro-green approach have helped us differentiate ourselves in the marketplace. We are a socially and environmentally responsible company which continues to lead the way on environmental efforts. Every process we employ at our facilities is an environmentally sustainable and pro green one.

We strongly believe in creating a wide socio-environmental impact. Our journey so far is marked by a constant endeavour to make our planet greener and healthier for its citizens. Our eco-friendly policies have become an all-encompassing program that has become the hallmark of environmental sustainability. We pride ourselves in achieving the tag of an environmentally responsive organization.


Our employees Our asset

Our employees are our greatest assets and the pole position we occupy in the market lends credibility to our claims. We keep our employees motivated and engaged by making them feel valued and respected. Our employees derive personal satisfaction, zeal, and a sense of commitment from the work they do for the company as well as the work their organization does for the society.

Helping society

Elofic CSR initiatives are rooted in our deep belief that businesses have a commitment and an inherent duty to give people a healthy and happier life. Businesses are powerful constituents of the society and successful businesses try to achieve much more than generating profit for itself and its shareholders. We use our position and our reputation to solve social and environmental problems. This has helped us establish a cohesive bond with our employees, customers and other stakeholders along with our peers and competitors.

Empowering society has been the core focus area of CSR. We regularly organize blood donation camp to help hospitals, health centres and other charitable medical centres deal more efficiently with blood shortages. Our chairman has also authored a book which elaborates upon his struggle with cancer and how people can cope up emotionally with this debilitating disease.

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Women empowerment initiative

Sustainable development of rural India and the women could happen only through economic empowerment which requires creation of opportunities to earn decent livelihoods. The socio-economic empowerment of women is integral to creation of a robust and developed society. Elofic has actively worked towards the economic and social empowerment of women through various initiatives that has significantly helped in skill development and livelihood generation. Empowering women and encouraging their entrepreneurial spirit has been a vital aspect of CSR for Elofic.

We have actively contributed to income generating livelihood activities for women by extending them training, marketing and financial help.

Elofic provides livelihood training to girls and women from socially and economically disadvantaged communities. We help underprivileged women in many districts to be financially self-reliant by providing them material and financial support.


Providing medical aid

Elofic has been active in education, healthcare, and facilitation of empowerment and sustainable livelihood opportunities for women, youth and farmers residing in remote areas. Our primary objective has been addressing some of the pressing medical challenges especially in remote areas where a large swathe of population is devoid of basic medical facilities. We have successfully initiated and implemented many healthcare programs as a part of our CSR operations. Elofic has built many charitable dispensaries in remote areas where medical aid is most needed. This initiative by Elofic has helped take medical treatment to far flung communities. Our effort in promoting good healthcare for all in poor and remote areas has helped local population deal more efficiently with medicine shortages and disease outbreaks.


Joy of love and Care by Mohinder Singh Sahni elaborates on the author’s battle with cancer. Inaugurated by Smt Gurusharan Kaur (wife of former PM of India Manmohan Singh), the book gives a fresh perspective on how a dreaded disease like cancer can be successfully repelled by the trident of genuine love, science and will power