Lubricants & Grease

Elofic offers high quality lubricants and grease to its wide diversity of industrial enterprises and OEM suppliers. Lubrication is crucial to the seamless working of a component. It plays a key role in the functioning of the entire machinery. Lubrication lowers the friction and wear and tear at the interface of two machine parts, surfaces or edges and thus enhances the longevity of automotive machine tools. Other primary features of Lubricants and Grease are:

  • Highly stable in extreme temperature, radiation, and reactive environments
  • Ensures superior cleanliness of the engine parts
  • Acts as a sealant
  • Acts as a coolant

Lubricants are often used in the transmission parts, bearings and in many cases of metal to metal contact.

Lubricants and Grease work effectively to reduce the friction of the components. There are certain important benefits of lubricants that one must be aware of, such as:

  • By reducing friction between the moving parts, lubricants help in reducing heat generation, unwanted noises and vibrations
  • Reduced heat generation leads to less wear and tear of the engine, which helps in increasing the longevity of the machinery
  • All the unwanted debris and particulate matters get carried away through good lubrication of the engine
  • Lubricants have the properties of anti-wear or extreme pressure additives to boost the engine’s performance against wear and fatigue
  • Lubricants are also manufactured with several additives to prevent corrosion and rust, thereby making the functioning of filters smoother

Lubricants and grease fall under the same category of preventive maintenance products for plant, equipment and machinery, the only difference being that greases are thicker than lubricants. Major positive effects of using the high-quality lubricants and greasing on fixed and mobile assets are:

  • Reduce Abrupt Failures
  • Reduce Fatigue Failures
  • Reduce Surface Failures
  • Reduce Stress Absorption

Elofic Petrol Engine Oil are available as:

  • Spin On

    Engine Oil

  • Cartridges

    Gear Oil

  • Strainers

    Hydraulic Oil

  • Metal Free

    Transmission Fluid Oil

Merits of Using Elofic Lubricants and Grease

Engineered with ingredients of highest quality standards by deploying state of the art manufacturing processes and augmented with cutting edge innovations from its indigenous R&D, Elofic lubricants and grease comply with every parameter benchmarked for base oils. Complying with OEM recommendations, Elofic lubricants and grease undergo a multitude of quality tests deploying high precision manufacturing and testing equipment as part of a rigorous quality control process.

How to Enhance the Lifespan of the Machinery

Across the world, industry leading Industry automobile brands and OEMslean on and recommend Elofic’s proven oil engineering competence to keep them going non-stop. Augmented by insights from the world’s top automobile engineering scientists at its R&D facility, Elofic recommends adherence to the following minimum subsistence level measures for preventive maintenance:

  • Large and heavy machinery should be checked and inspected on a regular basis for any unwanted sounds and vibrations
  • Regular usage of a good lubrication to extend the life of the equipment
  • Fuel filters should be replaced regularly with changing of the oil & fuels to ensure a clean environment inside the machinery

Advanced Designing to render Exceptional Results

With precision engineering of global standards and high end indigenous R&D capabilities, Elofic has consistently reinvented automotive mobility for 67 years. Pioneering the development and delivery of world class filtration and lubrication products, Elofic filters and lubricants products offer seamless mobility to OEMs, heavy engineering and automobile users and an impeccable and time tested brand strength todealers, retailers, equipment manufacturers and business operators.


Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease:

  • Better Structure and Roll Stability
  • Good Oxidation Stability
  • Superior Rust and Corrosion Protection
  • High Water Washout Property
  • Longer Life and Excellent Load Bearing Capacity

Premium Quality Lithium based Buttery, High Temperature Grease suitable for Plain and Rollers, Joints, Chassis applications and also for all types of Industrial Applications.

  • Grease
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    • Pack Sizes :

      0.2, 0.5,1, 2, 3, 5, 20 & 180 kgs