Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic Filters

Elofic offers IATF 16949:2016 certified quality hydraulic filters engineered using quality driven manufacturing processes and cutting edge technology to OEM enterprises hailing from the automotive and heavy engineering industry verticals. Elofic hydraulic filters acts as an integral part of the machinery utilized by a multitude of Fortune 1000 OEM brands.

Elofic hydraulic filters are designed to resist any metal particle and other contaminants like debris, dust and solid particles to defect the mechanical components, such as the pumps, control valves, and other pieces.

Assembling hydraulic filters inthe engine is essential for ensuring a smooth operation of the machinery. Following are some of the important pointers which reiterate this:

  • It helps to remove the unwanted particles from the hydraulic oilon a continuous basis since a significant amount of hydraulic system failures are caused by contaminated, improperly filtered hydraulic fluid.
  • No fluid power system can function correctly without the use of a filter

Elofic Hydraulic Filters are available as:

Set high-quality Performance with Elofic Hydraulic Filters

The performance and productivity of large-scale heavy machinery industry rely on its hydraulic fuel-induced machinery. Wear and tear to its engines at any point directly has an adverse effect on both technical and economic aspects of performance. Quality audit procedures deployed at Elofic ensure that its customers receive the best and high-quality products. Following are some of the features of Elofic hydraulic filters to endeavour value proposition to the clientele:

  • Stoppage of particle build up in the engine
  • Ideal resistance to the contaminants
  • Higher efficiency and dust holding capacity

Avenues of Deploying Elofic Hydraulic Filters

In contrast to the oil and fluid-driven machinery, the hydraulic machinery is heavy and consequently, Elofic filters are manufactured in line with highest quality standards to refine the hydraulic fuel. Following are some of the major avenues of application of hydraulic filters:

  • Heavy Trucks
  • Agricultural and construction vehicles
  • Lifting Equipment such as hydraulic jacks and wheelchair lifts
  • Hydraulic Presses
  • Wing flaps and rudders on Aircraft and boats

A Trustworthy Filter Manufacturing Brand

Working fastidiously from the past 67 years to deliver the high-quality filtration and lubrication solutions to its large-scale industrial clientele, Elofic has always focussed on manufacturing quality products. Having a cutting edge R&D team and a well-trusted TQM process applied at every level of production, the motto is to deliver an optimum value to our clients.