R & D

Recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research(DSIR), the Research and Development Department at Elofic represents a well-structured team of leading automobile technology scientists, product engineers and a state of the art laboratory equipped with the latest in CAD, Simulation and 3-D printer technology and are highly competent design engineers to manufacture innovative products and continuously work on the improvements of the existing ones.

Functional Expertise of R&D Department


The focus area of R&D is innovation, to bring radical developments in the existing products and to consistently enhance the quality of the manufactured products. For the same, the R&D department follows certain steps and methods to ascertain the coveted results- Ideation, Incubation, Economic and Technical Analysis and Scalability. Elofic follows a three-way methodology to understand, implement and deliver filtration products of exceptional quality.


An ever-focussed cross-functional team rigorously work towards engineering the high-quality filtration and lubrication products with a motive of zeroing down the gap with the customer expectations. For the purpose, the competent engineers follow certain steps to achieve the best results.

Order to Manufacture - A blueprint is created by the engineering team as per the customized configurations given by the customer.

Manufacture to Product- After the blueprints receive approval of concerned departments, engineers commence the process of manufacturing the products using the best resources and latest technology.

Product to Market - The manufactured products are delivered to the OEMs just in time.


The company deploys the techniques of process innovation and product innovation to accentuate the quality. In the product innovation, we strive to engineer products as per the customer’s demands. Under product innovation, we aim to bring radical changes in the existing products.

Design Thinking

The company emphasizes on content (product to be delivered as per the dimension, configuration, features, functionality, and performance), container (packaging) and delivery (Just in Time delivery at the right place and on right time). Elofic manufactures the products after receiving functional inputs from the customers. Thereafter, a proposal drawing is generated by the engineers, followed by prototype development, fitment, and performance trials in accordance with the customer’s satisfaction. It offers a wide range of media like 100% cellulose filter papers to synthetic blended filter papers, wire mesh, cloth, Non-woven, etc. VA/VE proposals are provided by Elofic engineering team. The company uses the latest software platforms like PRO E and CATIA for cost-efficient designs and ansys for simulation.


Elofic channelizes all its research and development towards developing value-based filtration products to ease the customers’ demands. For the purpose, the company manufactures the products post the benchmarking of the sample products approved by the customer. The products-to-be manufactured are reviewed in accordance with the customer’s sample on Dimensional, Media and Performance parameters.


We, at Elofic, endeavour to evolve our products according to the market situation and customer demands as fast as possible. We aim to engineer customized products as per the demands of the customer and deliver it on time. With the precise testing of the product samples, new products are developed in synchronization with the customer’s requirements.