Genuine vs Spurious Filter

Genuine Vs. Spurious Filters

At Elofic, the quality auditors and engineers endeavour to affirm to zero defects in production and deliver the best quality filtration products to its customers which includes OEM and after-market customers both in India and globally..

Being the largest exporter of filters from India, all the filters, including oil filters, air filters, hydraulic filters and fuel filters manufactured at Elofic undergo the necessary quality checks and benchmarks setup by the international standards.

Genuine Filters

  • Genuine filters help in enhancing the longevity of the engine and cater to reducing the cost over the recurring repair of the machinery.
  • Genuine Filters always exemplifies the best performance since it passes the numerous benchmarks and quality standards defined as per the global standards.
  • The Genuine filters are manufactured with quality sealing to avoid any leakages from the sealing area.
  • Genuine Filters are encased in a robust body to withstand higher pressure in extreme conditions.
  • It increases fuel efficiency.

Know Your Genuine Elofic Filters

High-quality filtration, coolants, and lubrication solutions engineered at Eloficmeet the International Quality Standards to impact profits (ISO 9001:2000 certified), (people (OHSAS 18001: 2007) and planet (ISO 14001:2004).

It becomes a challenging task to make a distinguished opinion about purchasing the best available filters for the automobile components while considering its value proposition. Through the application and inspection of several measures, a visible difference can be formulated between the Genuine and Spurious filters. Following are certain guidelines to follow prior to buying filters:

Spurious Filters

  • Spurious Filters leads to deterioration of the engine’s life due to its low filtration efficiency.
  • The spurious filters are not rigorously tested under the global quality benchmarks and standards and they are exported in the markets as the fabricated filters
  • The usage of the Spurious Filters can cause a severe damage to the machine components due to their ineffective and inadequate filtration.
  • The Spurious filters exude low quality, no reliability & warranty and it can incur great damages to the vehicle.
  • It decreases fuel efficiency

Choose Elofic to Steer Clear of Spurious Filters

Elofic, with its decades of experience, has mastered the technique of manufacturing quality filtration products to provide optimum level performance every time.

  • Elofic advanced TQM (Total Quality Management) comply with all the touch points before delivering quality products to its clientele.
  • The filters, coolants, and lubricants pass through a series of quality tests and checks before getting exported in the domestic and global markets.
  • The company, with an experience of over 67 years endeavours to perform on its promises and facilitate its clientele with uniformly engineered quality-driven filtration products.


Genuine Vs Spurious Filter