Air Filters

Air Filters

Elofic offers IATF 16949-2016 certified air filters manufactured post remarkable and well-tested research and development to OEM dealers and enterprise-level users hailing from a wide diversity of industry verticals. Air filters are manufactured to protect the internal combustion engine parts.

It helps to confine the entry of the solid and gaseous pollutants (pollens, dust, tire debris, smog) in the interiors of the engine, which could adversely affect the longevity of engine parts and cause wear and tear to the engine as well. Our air filters are designed to fasten the movement of the machinery, secure the engine and reduce the enterprise users’ expenditure, efforts and resource engagements on its recurring servicing and maintenance. Air filters offered by Elofic come in the following variations:

Elofic Air Filters are available as:

All the above air filters are also available in Flame Retardant Media and Flame Retardant PU.

In addition to it, Elofic also deals in Eco Filters and Cabin Air Filters which help in preventing allergies to the passengers present in the automobiles. Some of the Air filters offered by Elofic come in Flame Retardant Media and Flame Retardant PU as well.

Air filters actively perform to annihilate any alien substance which is bound to damage the integral parts of the Engine. They are used in Light duty Commercial Vehicles (LCVs), Medium and Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles (M&HCVs), Power generation, Agricultural equipment, construction and mining equipment & Industrial application like compressors.

Protect the Engine with Elofic Air Filters

Elofic Air Filters make the operation of an internal combustion engine smooth and effortless. It helps in lengthening the maintenance cycle of the engine and it also improves the engine’s life. Following are the configurations of the Elofic Air Filters:

  • Higher efficiency media with higher dust holding capacity
  • Easy maintenance and cost-effective
  • Improved fuel efficiency leads to superior fuel economy and power
  • Effortlessly works in extreme weather conditions
  • Maintains an optimum fuel-air ratio

Elofic Air Filters manufactured after extensive Research and Development

The air filters offered by Elofic to its wide range of clientele are tested and checked on multifarious levels before it gets delivered in the market and to the clients. Elofic has a standardized procedure to deliver the products to the enterprises. It takes extra care in handling the products to avoid any damage during transit. With the utilization of cutting-edge R&D technology, we ensure to provide the best products to the users for optimum usage. We, at Elofic, aim to supply the supreme quality products for your valuable machinery.