Elofic offers high-quality 4x coolants to its wide diversity of clientele including OEM dealers and business enterprises hailing from varied industrial verticals. Elofic’s 4x coolants are composed of a fine mixture of mono ethylene glycol and other necessary additives, which are used as:

  • Metal Passivators
  • Organic Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Anti-Oxidants
  • Anti-scalants
  • De-foamers
  • Buffering Agents
  • Dye

The fundamental functionality of a coolant in any fixed or mobile automobile machinery comprises of balancing the heat emitted by the internal combustion of the engine, as well as protecting the engine from freezing in the extreme cold temperature. In addition to protecting the machinery’s engine from overheating, the task of the coolant is to prevent it from freezing.

Glycol, mixed in the coolants along with water helps to prevent the engine from getting frozen in the extreme weather conditions. An absence of a good quality coolant can lead to overheating/ freezing of the engine and the consequent deterioration of the components and the engine itself. (Freezing of Engine means crackling cold start)

Benefits of using Elofic Coolants

The automobile’s engine operated without a coolant is likely to become permanently damaged. Usage of a quality coolant becomes mandatory to accentuate the lifespan of the machinery, as well as, to stay secured from the hassles of spending on the recurring repair of the machine. There are multitudes of benefits of using a well-trusted coolant, such as:

  • Prevents the engine from freezing in winters and overheating, boil over in summers
  • Protects for any corrosion or rust of the engine’s water body and radiator
  • Elofic 4x coolant is stable with hard water from natural resources
  • Protects the plastic and rubber components of the engine from deteriorating
  • Helps to defy electrolysis
  • Environment friendly organic formulation

Optimum Usage of the Coolants

Besides its conventional role of protecting the engine from heating and freezing, coolants help in increasing the longevity of the machinery. One must put in check the necessary measures to ensure an optimum level of usage of the coolants. Following are certain points to remember to enhance the lifespan of the respective machinery:

  • The condition and quality of the coolant need to be checked on a regular interval
  • A working coolant showcases a fluorescent greenish-yellow colour; long-life coolants are orange in colour.
  • Brown coloured coolant indicates a worn-out coolant and should be replaced with a new coolant
  • The ideal time period of changing a coolant should be once in 2 to 3 years, as it loses its properties after that, unless it is specifically formulated as a ‘long life’ coolant.

Always Choose a Trustworthy Brand

At Elofic, our competent engineers and quality auditors guarantee that the products manufactured excels every quality criteria and benchmarks framed according to the global standards. The upkeep of the valued fixed and mobile assets of our clientele is our topmost priority.

In two variants i.e Concentrate and ready to use.

  • Concentrate

    Spec : 1:3 & 1:7

    Pack : 0.5, 1, 2, 3, & 20 Ltrs.

    Colours available: Blue, Green and Red.

  • Ready to use

    Spec : Add No Water

    Pack : 0.5, 1, 2, 3, & 20 Ltrs.

    Colours available: Green