In keeping with its belief in and practice of the TQM business philosophy, Elofic adheres to the principle of Kaizen, i.e. continuous quality improvement in order to bring small and incremental changes to improve efficiency and quality.

The manufactured products including oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters, lubricants & grease and coolants that pass through the stages of sorting, setting in order, shining, standardizing and sustaining before being delivered to the customers. We endeavour to follow the SMART (Standardize, Monitor, Assess, Rethink and Transform) algorithm to develop innovative techniques in manufacturing products.

  • 6State of the art Plants

  • 85mnPCS per annum

  • 67+Years of service

  • 600+Professionals

Elofic strives to maintain a synchronized platform across all its production units to deliver a uniform quality of output to its customers. The pilot study of the RFP sets the tone for the streamlining of quality standards in line with OEM recommended parameters and pr-production planning for the achievement of uniform quality standards as the production is scaled up. This includes the determination of standards for product configuration, size, functionality, features, performance and color-coding.

The company believes in doing it right the first time. The production process at Elofic is executed with an aim to achieve zero defects across all units of filtration and lubrication products. Every product passes through 3 stages of production – basic, key and core processes.
To minimize any fluctuation in the quality of production, the variance control is measured by the production team by following the standard operating procedures for SQC (Statistical Quality Control) and SPC (Statistical Process Control). A blueprint of the industrial filters is designed as per the custom requirements put forth by the customer in the RFP, and measures are taken to attain the targeted level of quality as per the global standards.


The wide array of products manufactured by Elofic are precision tested as per global standards specifications and OEM recommendations. Lubricants and greases are tested against the API specifications for Group V of base oils. All the filtration products - oil filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters, cabin air filters, HEPA, HVAC, and air purifiers are tested as per OEM recommendations.

JIT Delivery

At Elofic, all the plant equipment and machinery are passed through TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and standard operating procedures for preventive maintenance are followed to achieve zero downtime and deliver orders just in time to OEMs.