Life at Elofic

Serving a wide spectrum of Fortune 1000 automobile enterprises and OEM supplier brands over 67 years, Elofic follows a focussed and active approach. Maintenance of cordiality remains the guiding business philosophy of Elofic across all touch points of work and life. Setting the milestones for the achievement of the enterprise for achieving excellence is the objective of Elofic.

Endeavouring a consistent performance at Elofic

To acknowledge and motivate the highest quality manufacturing, productivity, continuous improvement and effective compliance with the delivery equation, Elofic honourits competent employees with Kaizen Award. This award is given to the workforce for acknowledging their consistent improvement in all the functions encompassing all the employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers. An assembly of a highly qualified management team, engineering team and a team of skilled workers work in synchronization to achieve excellence constantly.

Elofic Foundation Day

Elofic celebrates its Foundation day on May 11th every year, wherein a three-day event takes place from May 9th to 11th. Numerous activities and recreational events are conducted on the occasion. Some of them are as follows:

  • Akhand Path - This sacred ceremony is performed along with all the people for receiving the blessings of the almighty
  • Health Check-up - Elofic organizes a health checkup camp for all employees to maintain and review any ailing or health-related issues.
  • Annual Conference - The corporate level management announces the annual financial results
  • Get together - The entire Elofic family gathers for socializing and a corporate buffet
  • Annual Sports - All the employees gather and participate in sports activities.

Celebrations at Elofic

The company celebrates Independence Day grandly to reminisce upon the sacrifice of our brave freedom fighters and pay tribute to them.

As Diwali is the festival to boost festive spirits, Elofic celebrates the festival to raise the spirits and spread joy among all the employees during this holy celebration.