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Elofic air purifier: commitment to cleaner environment
When the city is enveloped in a haze of pollution, it is a fallacy to believe that our home, offices and even our transport vehicles are free from its impact. It is not just the outdoor pollution like dust, fumes or smoke that cause harm. Within our homes, heating and cooking particles in the kitchen, tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, lead in paint and even the marker pens used by your children are the major indoor pollutants. In such a health hazardous scenario, an air purifier is a must for not just your homes, but also your work space and your car. In a market teeming with varied brands, why do we need to invest in Elofic Air Purifiers? Elofic Air Purifiers, manufactured by Elofic Industries, is a market leader given the company’s over 67 years experience in the filtration industry, thus making it an expert in its field. Today it is one of the most reputed automotive filter manufacturing companies in the country. Taking its rich filtration experience, Elofic decided to take its commitment towards providing a cleaner environment forward by introducing a range of Air Purifiers. Elofic is the only company in India to manufacture a gamut of filter elements (the heart of an air purifier) in-house. All Elofic products are specifically designed for the domestic market keeping in mind Indian conditions. Elofic Air Purifiers deliver on all your clean air and healthy living requirements – be it at home, office or in the car. Elofic Purifiers have attractive features, are cost efficient, come with a customer friendly warranty, high service life and easy availability thus making them the right choice for you and your family. WhiteHorse Purifier and Raahe Car Purifier are our latest models. 5 models for varied use:
  • * WhiteHorse air purifiers are designed for large spaces such as conference rooms, auditoriums, gyms, restaurants, etc. The WhiteHorse has a 7 stage filtration system, comes with 2 filter elements, has an inbuilt monitor and has wheels for easy mobility.
  • * Gavi and Gavi Plus Air Purifiers are ideal for homes, offices, living rooms, etc. The Gavi Plus model has an in-built air quality monitor Elofic air purifier: commitment to cleaner environment 57 / 7 December 2018
  • * Kinnaur Air Purifier is ideal for smaller spaces such as kids rooms, puja rooms, etc.
  • * Raahe Car Purifier is designed for cars. Given the long hours many spend on the road, it helps to keep the air inside Ozone free. Neutralizes harmful VOCs and other toxins. The air purifier comes with visual indicator for air quality. There is a child lock function to prevent any unknowing interruption. Auto restart after power interruption. Filter replacement alert. Timer function for optimum usage.
The Best Choice For You ;
  • Six layers of filtration ensure high efficiency and dust holding capacity.
  • Dust particles removal efficiency rate is 99.9% at 0.5 micrometer.
  • Filter frames are made with a unique ‘one of a kind’ design which make them strong, durable and leak proof.
  • Elofic filter element consists of a carbon embedded design as opposed to the commonly used ‘honeycomb design’ (which leads to micro dust particles escaping) ensuring that even the smallest dust particles don’t escape.
  • Elofic Air Purifiers are attractively priced & cost effective.
  • They come with a customer friendly warranty and prompt after sales service