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Elofic Industries: In-House Manufacturer of Affordable, Top-Notch & Efficient Filter Elements for Diverse Applications
Air purifier systems are no more just a luxury. Today, they have evolved into the biggest necessity due to the alarming surge in air pollution levels and deteriorating environmental conditions of India, putting at risk not just babies but also young children, pregnant women and people with allergies, asthma, respiratory disorders and other ailments. Being India’s leading filtration mavens for over 65 years, Elofic Industries Limited is the only company in India to manufacture a gamut of filter elements (heart of an air purifiers) in-house, promising much better and good quality air. While ensuring the availability and prompt services at affordable costs, the firm provides filter replacement options throughout the year to clients from a wide range of domains. M.B. Sahni, Chairman & Managing Director, Elofic Industries, enunciates, “Leveraging the mushrooming business opportunities in the market, we carve our niche in enriching efficiencies and life of filters by integrating them with the advanced technologies”.
Best-in-class Filter Elements
After years of research on the micro and nano air filtration processes, Elofic has formulated a set of multilayer media filters with all five layers of highly efficient filtration and electrostatic ion purification. Impregnated uniformly with activated carbon granules between the layers via polypropylene frames, these filters guarantee no leakage of stale air or unpleasant fumes. Be it easy availability, quality of purification, price and service quality or overall effectiveness of air purifiers, the firm leaves no stone unturned to constantly address and mitigate these pain points of customers. “From the time of producing best quality filters in tune with environmental conditions, regularly updating the team with customer feedback, promptly servicing after receiving complaints, backward integration (up to 80 percent) to supplying replacement filters, all that matters to us is procuring utmost customer satisfaction,” asserts K.D. Sahni, Vice Chairman & Joint Managing Director, Elofic Industries.
Elofic provides air purification solutions for closed rooms in sizes of 328 sq. ft. and 580 sq. ft. and ‘Kinnaur’, the wall mounted option exclusively for smaller rooms. To enhance the life of consumable filter element, the firm manufactures a washable pre-filter with the feature of reusability even after regular cleaning. Aiming to quash the environmental adversities, it designs ozone-free air purification systems with low pressure drop and high dirt holding capacity and filters with particle efficiency exceeding 99.9
percent at0.5µm to remove disparate pollutants, odours, dust mites, chemicals and other harmful particles.
Fusing Filtration with Technology 
Staying abreast of the state-of-the-art technologies in air purifier realm, Elofic is engrossed in developing aerodynamic filter papers with nano size particles retention and least pressure drop. It is also engaged in implementing new techniques that entails oxides of titanium, other inert rare metals and UV rays to purify air. The firm deploys nano technology to eliminate even the smallest microorganism, and BS VI technologies to regulate the air pollutant levels of automobiles. Moreover currently in the process of implementing IoT, these filters in the future can be easily controlled with cell phones.
Furnished with six modern filter manufacturing facilities containing the latest testing and calibration equipment, Elofic holds partnerships with 1000 distributors and 35000 retailers throughout India. With investments in plant capacity, upgradation and technologies, the firm controls manufacturing of all components of filters in-house using its own press-shop, injection moulding, oil blending and grease making for lubricants, making it self reliant in child parts. Growing its revenue over 25 percent YOY which accounts to 35 percent revenue from exports, Elofic is developing car air purifiers and envisions to reaching the Rs.500 crore milestone by the year 2020.